Well hello there! 

Thanks for dropping by The Angel Spacesuit! You are on an amazing journey through life and I CAN'T WAIT to hear just how much your life is going to change after a few weeks of using the Angel Spacesuit Planner.

I'm excited, can you tell? :)

I'm Geneva, the author of the Angel Spacesuit Planner and the stationery queen who curated the collection of Accessories for you to enrich your planning experience to the ultimate in self-care.

I'm so glad you are here!

I love helping people to activate their light and purpose in the world. I'm so excited for you as you embark on a truly transformative year in your life!

It's not about TIME it's about ENERGY.

My life's purpose is to help people connect to their soul's light and energy and then give them the tools to create massive positive change in the world and in their lives.

I teach people Reiki out of LunaHolistic, Calgary's Reiki Centre (a place I founded and lead a group of amazing practitioners).

Reiki is energy. Divinely-guided life force energy. Kinda like chi in martial arts or prana in yoga. Reiki is a system to CHANNEL this energy toward an INTENTION. We set an intention before a Reiki session and then we surrender to the powerful flow of life-force energy that responds to your wish. 

Reiki makes you feel peaceful and energized; clear and calm; purposeful and restored. It creates balance and harmony in your life.

SIDE NOTE: And it is totally mind-blowing but it also works across distance too! Reiki bypasses time and space and works on a QUANTUM level, so it works just as effectively across the world as it does in the same room! So cool.

When you manage your ENERGY, rather than your TIME, you get everything done so so easily. Reiki can help you put energy in your tank so you have enough for all the people, creative ideas, and wild dreams you have.

I can honestly say that since becoming a Reiki master and teaching others how to channel this amazing energy, my whole life has transformed. I quit my science job, I started helping people, and I started living my purpose (rather than just dreaming about it!). And the Angel Spacesuit Planner has added a rocket pack of energy to my life that I'm just so excited to share with you.

Happiness is an ENERGY you Create.

I wrote a book called "The Secret Art of Happiness: Change Your Life with the Reiki Ideals". Many of the creative concepts and journaling prompts that are in the Angel Spacesuit Planner come from this book. It is seriously life-changing if you are looking for a way to activate happiness in your life.

Everyone in your life benefits from YOUR happiness. This book will show you how.

Looking for more?

You are on a quest -- to activate your soul's purpose and create magical healing change in the world. If you have a big purpose (and you do!), you need the right kind of support to help you make that happen.

I have seen people with amazing and brilliant PLANS, get totally stuck when it comes to finding the time or the energy to create their dreams.

That is just resistance that the ego or the shame-gremlins cook up to keep us small and out of sight. Don't listen to that crappy voice that says "You aren't good enough', "No one will buy your products or services.", or "Who do you think you are? Your (friend/lover/mother) will never support you or love you if you really shine brightly."

BLECH! Don't listen to that FALSE voice!

I know it can be hard, especially when you are doing something that REALLY MATTERS to you and the world. It is normal to feel vulnerable when you are really getting sh#t done and creating a visionary life of purpose.

But you really CANNOT put this off. We need you. I need you. Your skills, talents, and abilities are UNIQUE in the world and we need everyone right now to brighten their own corner of the world if we want things to get better. And we do, we really do.

You would not be put here, on this planet, right here and now if you were not ready for more.LIFE has brought you to this place, to this moment for a reason. I believe in your ability to make magical and massive change in the world.

I help you listen to the deep and wise voice of your SOUL. The voice that is supportive, loving, and courageous.

You can work with me in a couple of ways:

If you need help with managing your ENERGY, healing your spirit, body, or emotions, then a Reiki session is right for you.

To book an in-person Reiki session at the beautiful LunaHolistic Centre in Calgary Alberta, Canada, CLICK HERE.

To book a Distance Reiki session over Zoom (an online meeting software) or by phone (anywhere in the world), CLICK HERE.


If you need help with building a thriving heart-centred BUSINESS and you would like to explore how the ENERGETIC EIGHT (the energy of the chakras and the aura) can help you build a sustainable and profitable career of the soul, then an Energetic Eight Business Coaching session is right for you.

To book an in-person Energetic Eight Business Coaching session at the beautiful LunaHolistic Centre in Calgary Alberta, Canada, CLICK HERE.

To book an online Energetic Eight Business Coaching session over Zoom (an online meeting software) or by phone (anywhere in the world), CLICK HERE.


There are also a ton of FREE articles and support for you (including guided meditations) over on the LunaHolistic.com blog.

No matter what, I BELIEVE in you. Keep going! you've got this!