Made for unicorns -- I mean -- made for you!

Hey Spacesuiter!

Are you like me? I just *cannot* wait when I buy something new. Every single pair of shoes I have bought  -- and I mean every pair -- I have to immediately take them out of the box when I get home and clomp around the house.

Immediately. Like I can't wait for an appropriate shoe wearing occasion to bring them out. I don't do this to *break them in*; I do this because I can't wait!

And you know, there are many reasons I could give to wear rainboots in the house in December, but the truth is, I'm impatient.

I meditate a lot for this reason alone. It helps me wait.

Maybe you know what that's like. Waiting for something amazing in the mail, let's say! :D

As you're probably all too aware (I know I am!), there are major delays in shipping right now. (maybe you've been waiting to buy stuff online till later?)

Or maybe, you've already bought something amazing, like for a random (not random) example, an Angel Spacesuit Planner. Or not. Like I said, *random*. :D

I'm excited (like wearing rainboots inside) to share a new little thing I made for you. A mini planner that you can download!

CLICK HERE to check it out, no lineups!

So no waiting! You can get it today. It includes the year-end reflection, the intention setting, and a one-week self-care planner which are all a part of the full Angel Spacesuit Planner. 

It's a digital downloadable pdf version that you can either print or fill out right on your computer. So if you're waiting to buy a planner til the post gets sorted, you can try this out first.

It's just $4.47 to buy and you can download it right away. AND it's now included in all future purchases of the physical Angel Spacesuit Planner.

I just wanted to let you know this my darling because if you've already bought a planner, this little file is yours for free. Yup. I'm just gonna give it to ya like Oprah. Just send me an email and I'll make sure you get one.

AND if you're waiting to buy the planner, I wanted to let you know about this little *try before you buy* option. Because I want you to have a chance to try it on beforehand.

Before I go, I just wanted to share what Ayla had to say about the planner it totally blew my rainboots off:

"On a side note: this was my first week using the @angelspacesuit planner and I feel like even setting the intention to have a peaceful week required me to say no to others,
and say yes to myself, on top of the fact that I had scheduled in time for just me.

I feel like Fridays are often days I drag my ass, because I've put other things ahead of me and my well being.

This week, ONE WEEK into my planner, I feel like I accomplished a ton more than usual, and also didn't short myself on me time. #lifechanger
I actually feel pretty charged up going into my work day tomorrow. #bliss" 

~ Ayla


Whoa! That's powerful. I'm so pleased when other people share how it's working for them. Because I really just make everything for me. :)  Just like clomping around inside with new rainboots on, I make stuff because I like it. :)

Have a great week!

ps. You're an amazing unicorn. I think you're awesome. Keep on going, lovely! The world is better because you're in it. Life can get even better than you can possibly imagine this year.