Getting Ready to Get Ready

It’s like holding your breath while running. Bursting with ideas, yet totally held back, unfocused, scattered.

There’s something magical simmering in your brain, in your heart, but HOW are you gonna finally get clear and get it out into the world?
Journal pages go unfilled and there you are -- unfulfilled.


Time for something new!

I needed this planner to help me get out from under the mountain of to-do’s I had as a heart-based entrepreneur (I run a Reiki centre called LunaHolistic in Calgary). I made this for me.

Yet in 3 weeks, I realized this was a game-changer. I had so much more ENERGY (and energy is what I do, so that says something!). I had MORE time with my family, and I got so much more DONE at work, I was like this efficient dynamo of energy and FOCUS. And I took WAY more time for Self-Care, meditation, reflection. It was sustainable, nourishing, exciting. FUN.
I had to get it into my practitioner’s hands. I had to get it into YOUR hands. Like right now!

So, I used the tools in the planner -- to MAKE the Planner! It literally came together in 2 weeks. Like a massive download from the angels (who I totally talk to because they are real), this book just came together like MAGIC.

And magic is what the Angel Spacesuit Planner is going to CREATE in your life.

By spending a bit of time each week planning out your self-care, tuning into what will give you MORE energy, you unlock the secret to manifesting a wild, beautiful, and successful life.

It's a tiny shift that unlocks massive RESULTS.

Just by focusing on doing more things that GIVE you energy, you GET more life, happiness, and unbelievable PRODUCTIVITY in return.