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Why the Angel Spacesuit?

When you are creative, making a business, or just simply creating a wild
and beautiful life, you are constantly growing and changing.

Growth and change can be scary. It can make you feel vulnerable and exposed.

SO, how do you keep moving forward when you are doing something amazing and life-changing? AN ANGEL SPACESUIT!!

It may sound silly, but it totally works.

Use your imagination to put on a totally cozy, custom made, spacesuit that has room for angel wings. Inside, you feel totally PROTECTED, safe, and supported. 

Then, you take tiny brave steps, every day, every week.

Just show up, tune into your guidance, and
take action.

It's not about TIME, it's about ENERGY

This planner is different. Instead of managing time, which is always limited, you focus instead on managing your ENERGY.

By spending a bit of time each week planning out your self-care, tuning into what will give you MORE energy, you unlock the secret to manifesting a wild, beautiful, and successful life.

It's a tiny shift that unlocks massive RESULTS.

Just by focusing on doing more things that GIVE you energy, you GET more life, happiness, and unbelievable PRODUCTIVITY in return.

Make it your own

Have you ever had blank page anxiety?

That's where you crack open your journal or art notebook and can't bring yourself to mark the perfect perfect pages.

They just stay pristine, untouched - perfect. Except, it's really not. ALL those BRILLIANT ideas get jammed up inside your head and never make it out into the world where they (and YOU!) belong. 

The Angel Spacesuit Planner is EASY. It's fun. It gets you out of your head and into your HEART. It helps you get those messy, creative IDEAS onto the page so you can finally take ACTION on your DREAMS.

ADD ON to your basic Angel Spacesuit Planner with a beautiful COVER, pretty STICKERS, and colourful PENS. 


Get clear on what's important

Signs of Spring

The Energetic Eight

Chakra Journal

Empower your daily self-care with this beautiful chakra journal. NOURISH every area of your life and create space to listen to your soul.

Yes please!

Made with Love

The Angel Spacesuit Planner started as a Divinely-guided burst of inspiration.

Geneva Robins (that's me!) is the author, though it really felt more like a download. I really needed a way to get out of the swirl of to-do lists, endless notifications, and the vague feeling that I was forgetting something... something important.

Since creating the Angel Spacesuit Planner and the Chakra Journal,
I've spent more time on self-care, and I have been overflowing with creativity. I've gotten sh#t done!

I have more time with my family. I have energy. I have clarity.

I hope it helps you too.


Custom Covers *fits Perfect Bound only*

Pens & Stuff


Looking for More?

You're on a quest -- to activate your soul's purpose and create magical healing change in the world. When you have a big purpose (and you do!), you need the right kind of support to help you make that happen.

I've seen people with amazing and brilliant PLANS, get totally stuck when it comes to finding the time or the energy to create their dreams.

But you really CANNOT put this off. We need you. 

I help people ACTIVATE their light in the world and get clear so they can live a vibrant life of PURPOSE and JOY.

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